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Sep 8, 2021

Looking for concrete steps to ease the effects of languishing and regain mental fortitude? Jason and Paul Reilly, speaker, trainer, author, and host of the The Q and A Sales Podcast break down six exercises anyone can implement to improve mental resilience, regardless of company role, industry, or location. 

Whether you’re in the C-suite or the cold-call trenches, there’s no question that the challenges brought about by this pandemic are extensive––and exhaustive. It seems counterintuitive then that so many sales teams are crushing their goals from a commission standpoint. But take a closer look.

Professional performance doesn’t always reflect what’s happening personally, as Paul found out when he began conducting research for his latest book Selling Through Tough Times. While swings in success are inevitable over the course of a career, he points out that for the large cohort of salespeople who got into sales after the Great Recession, these last 18 months have hit a bit differently. “So many salespeople right now are facing tough times for the very first time and they have not built that foundation of mental resilience.”  

Even those of us who’ve weathered our share of economic storms before 2020 could use an assist right now. Paul developed his plan to appeal to everyone, no matter their experience. “I call it the Daily Mental Flex®. It's a collection of six exercises that will help you build resilience and help you build that mental strength that we need.”

His 30-day Tough-Timer Challenge supports positive mental programming, positive environmental programming, and tough-timer characteristics. So, what’s a tough-timer? “A tough-timer is kind of like an archetype. It's the individual who is able to thrive through challenging times.” 

The nearly 40 years worth of experience Paul’s company has had training salespeople provided more than enough tough-timer data. He distilled that information into a simple yet effective plan featuring daily exercises (like reps at a gym) for each of the following entries: 

  • Gratitude
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Discipline
  • Pruning and Planting
  • Positive Reframing
  • Reducing Friction

While his challenge is primarily inward-focused, Paul adds that one of the most critical components of resilience-building is empathy.

By committing to 30-days of self-awareness, we acknowledge those areas where we need assistance and, in return, are better able to recognize the same in our family members, co-workers, or employees. “Being able to share what you're comfortable sharing is a nice way to let [the team] know, hey, it's okay to not be okay,” he says. In times like these, that acknowledgement goes a long way in strengthening our personal and professional foundations. 


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