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Jun 29, 2022

When was the last time curiosity got the better of you on a business trip? In this rare solo episode, Jason explores roads less traveled. Literally. The world has reopened. Airports are busier than ever. Calling on clients is what business travel is all about, but is there room in your schedule for unexpected experiences? 

It doesn’t take much (if any) planning to get off the beaten path for a few hours, as Jason discovered on a recent trip to Salt Lake City. When a wonky gap in the schedule left him with some time to kill, he had two choices: head to his hotel room or let a Google Map suggestion lead him in a completely serendipitous direction.

The following day, when Jason mentioned the excursion to his client, she shared with him a website (and podcast) that lists many such hidden gems: Atlas Obscura. For those unfamiliar with Atlas Obscura, think of it as a virtual concierge with suggestions for weird and wonderful experiences worldwide. 

There’s probably a business metaphor connected to Jason’s pedal-to-the-metal experience out on the Flats. Instead, he’s content to keep the lesson literal for now. “You know, this little Google Map suggestion totally opened my eyes, and it reminded me that there are some really cool things in the world.” 

Make time for wonder on your next business trip.


Atlas Obscura

Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Speedway

The Palmer House


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