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On Distribution Talk, we dive into the stories, struggles and solutions from interesting characters who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry. My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire you through these brief conversations.  Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you hear, come visit us often. -Jason

Jun 12, 2019

"There are three things that we ask when we make a call: what should we start doing? What should we stop doing? What should we continue doing? What should we stop doing is usually some of the best feedback." ~Gabriel Curry

Jason sits down with Gabriel Curry, president of G&S Nursery and Impact Media, to discuss client retention, business expansion, and the myriad ways data informs decisions.

Gabriel credits The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes with helping uncover his customer’s needs and focus on his niche market. Once identified, CRM technology like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics provides the data that allows him to take his business to the next level - so long as it’s used on a consistent basis. As he sees it, if a conversation isn’t logged into the CRM that you’ve invested time and money into, “It didn’t happen.”

Other advantages to using a CRM includes the ability to reconnect your sales team to clients who’ve gone dormant for one reason or another. “There’s no way greater to grow your business,” he says, “than reaching out to customers that have already worked with you.”

Gabriel also shares with Jason the role feedback has played in his success, whether from fellow professionals in the Young Presidents Organization or from clients. “These differences of opinion have really stretched my mind.”

Want to know which question has provided Gabriel with some of the best feedback? You might be surprised by his answer.


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