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Apr 13, 2022

Associations have long touted in-person events as a critical benefit of membership. However, in the wake of the pandemic, folks have grown more discerning about their time––and what they do with it.

Molly Alton Mullins, CEO of SEVEN12 Management, helps these organizations amplify their impact through innovative engagement. Jason chats with Molly about how her company enhanced its value proposition during the live event hiatus, the dynamic interpersonal changes taking place as conferences resume, and inspiring long-term membership involvement.

The Midwest in March isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Still, after two years of Zoom meetings, Molly couldn’t wait for the in-real-life conversation and collaboration at this year’s University of Distribution Innovation event. “It was great to get close to 600 distributors all together in a room, learning from each other, all different industries but essentially the same types of challenges, the same types of opportunities.” There’s no question that digital platforms helped most people maintain connections during the pandemic, but the community really thrives when that face-to-face happens in the same space. “On-site, the relationships that you make there, they're that much more intense,” Molly says. 

Molly is well-versed at fostering environments in which interaction flourishes. She spent time in the political fundraising arena and government affairs, honing her strategic-minded, relationship-focused perspective. Since coming to SEVEN12 in 2016, she’s applied that approach to grow the company’s portfolio, expanding its menu of benefits and services and extending its expertise to verticals as diverse as distribution and mental health professionals. Regardless of industry, Molly says association members want the same thing from their experience: “They want the opportunities to do workshops and hear from their peers and learn facts and things like that.” Members also crave in-person exchanges. “They want to engage, and they want to touch and feel and laugh and love and do all those sorts of things because they don't ever want to lose it again.”

As safety precautions lift and conferences ramp up, Molly says it’ll take more than the status quo to entice folks to sign up for association membership. “It's great to learn a great story, but people want more than that,” she says, especially if they’re attending a destination event. People rightly demand more meaningful interactions now, whether through workforce development, mentorship, or peer-to-peer connection. Molly and her team are poised to deliver on those expectations. 


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