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Aug 10, 2022

“I like to say that I was able to put the dot on the “I” of HARDI, which is international,” laughs Guitze Messina. 

When HARDI, the premiere HVACR distribution association in North America, decided to expand its membership into Mexico, they tasked Guitze with the job. Jason chats with the dynamic executive director of HARDI Mexico about surpassing the organization’s boldest growth projections and fostering greater support for the two-step distribution model across Central America, South America, and Europe.

In Guitze’s five years at the helm, the organization has made tremendous headway within the Mexican market (signing on 70 members) and prompting interest from other Latin American countries.

Guitze’s commitment to the Mexican HVACR industry is evident in how he speaks of its future. “Besides being successful, we also want to pass on a legacy. We want the Mexican market to change.” But why stop there? Guitze and HARDI are poised to realize ambitious goals, bringing the tenets of networking, education, and business development to HVACR distributors worldwide.





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