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On Distribution Talk, we dive into the stories, struggles and solutions from interesting characters who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry. My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire you through these brief conversations.  Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you hear, come visit us often. -Jason

Aug 28, 2019

Think your DIY customer survey produced the data you needed? Are you confident in your ability to analyze that information and implement those client recommendations? 

I sat down with Martha Brooke, chief customer experience analyst and founder of InterAction Metrics, to find out how better questions translate into...

Aug 21, 2019

When things go badly, rest assured the situation can always get worse. That’s what happened to Steve Cohn, president of Premier Beauty Supply

If you think salon sales has nothing in common with your distribution business, hang with this episode. My conversation with Steve yields some great advice for everyone,...

Aug 14, 2019

What have you done to secure your company’s future?

Beyond upgrades to your tech, your  warehouse space, and your fleet, what investments have you made in your people? Michael Meier, VP and COO of Meier Supply Company, discusses how his own professional growth has translated into a passion for training company talent...

Aug 7, 2019

Want to know the secrets to a successful expansion? For Dan Esch of Esch Construction Supply based in St. Paul, Minnesota, a company’s mission is just as important as the advanced field work and the financial analysis. 

“This business is all about service.” That’s a sentiment you’ll hear Dan repeat throughout...